Friday, August 01, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Week

Just so everyone knows, next week is Lindsay Lohan week on Octopus 99. I haven't worked out what this means exactly, but I'm sure it will be good.


Molly Bloom said...

I can't believe that I missed out on a Top 10. I'll have to post up my lonely Saturday list that I've just made up. It's called the 'Top 10 films that I think Domster would like to see that don't exist yet, but some dude should make them' list.
1. Locklear Lust - a thriller involving kit off, swimming costumes and much lycra. Perhaps some swimming and a surgical truss and William S. running.
2. Beat Rock Hunger - this is Kimberley from Girls Aloud in an all in one running after Heather Locklear on a harbour. Then it gets nasty. Bitchy scraps and mud.
3. Blow Sparks - lots of explosions and a bus with Lurch playing a man with an eye patch and Kek-W in a white suit with a plasticene friend, which melts in the sun.
4. They came from Yeovil! Lots of yellow and red weevils that are giant and Dom running around with Raquel Welch in a piece of rag covering vital bits only.
5. Charlie's Ladies go Wild with a Window Cleaner - Farrah Fawcett types in tight jumpers jumping around un-necessarily whilst window cleaning at various bloggers houses. Watch how it descends into a hilarious romp with shamois leather.
6. Krautrock Aha! - a new docu-comedy about a Krautrock wannabe band called Krautersneu. In fluorescent pink with 3-D glasses.
7. Underwater Angelina - a bubble fest of flippers and shiny suits.
8. Valley of the Lycra Dolls - speaks for itself really.
9. Acrobat Action Man - the tale of a young boy called Lurch who explores his identity one evening by setting fire to his brother's Action Man and throwing him out of the windown. A voyage of self discovery.
10. Lovin' Gore Blaze - random exploitative horror with bucket loads of gore and a man with a missing eyeball. Featuring Heather Locklear, Lindsey Lohan and two feather bikinis.

Molly Bloom said...

PS - I'm not sure how to do a self-portrait, but I think the comment above might say more about me than I'd like to admit.

Happy Days.

Dominic Zero said...

When Locklear finally gets in touch thru Facebook I shall propose said films.
And Lohan...personal friend of mine as she is (although I only met her once in 2004 & she just doesn't call anymore) I'm sure will sign up for just about anything. Good to see you back & putting mucho effort into your comments.
I am thinking up another Top 10 but am out of it might be 'Good Hair'.
Hope you check into 'Lindsay Lohan Week' which starts tomorrow.

Dominic Zero said...

PS...Feather bikinis doesn't work for me...can we make it rubber trousers & big belts?

Molly Bloom said...

Errm....I'll have to contact the 'wardrobe' department, but I'm sure they'll be fine about it.

*Picks up phone with gusto*

Molly: "Errm, hello?"
Wardrober: Hello, how can I help?
Molly: Do you stock belts?
Wardrober: How thick?
Molly: I need black leather and a hand-span wide please.
Wardrober: Oh, alright then. We've just had some belts from the 'Strongest man in Britain' come in after the truck-pull. Those do?
Molly: Fantastic! Got any rubber trousers?
Wardrober: Yeah, the Man from Atlantis left us his. Bit sweaty.
Molly: The Man from Atlantis? You haven't got any of Lee Majors old shorts have you? Errm...sorry, no....that's not what I was here for....swoon....Leeeeeee....
Wardrober: Sorry? Are you ok?
Molly: I think so....
Wardrober: Right, I'll pack some up for you right away madam. Will you be needing those for a shoot?
Molly: Yes, tomorrow. It's urgent.
Wardrober: I'll bring them over tomorrow. I'll come by after I've sorted out Pammy's new swimming costume. Check ya laterz.

kek-w said...

"Big belts" - lol!