Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Trigan Empire

Picked up a humongous pile of knackered old Look & Learns in a charity shop the other day (not a popular thing to do when the house is already half full of ex-shop stock). When I was a kid I learnt everything from Look & Learn - Ned Kelly, dinosaurs, Rommel..which I'm pretty sure is all you really need to know.
Needless to say I tore out all the Tales Of The Trigan Empire. I was into this stuff long before I discovered Marvel & DC, then tragically left it behind once I had discovered Daredevil.
Don Lawrence's art stands up pretty well today I reckon. The bottom two panels - from The Red Death, jolted me right back to 1974, where I hope to remain.


St. Anthony said...

"Ned Kelly, dinosaurs, Rommel ... which is pretty sure is all you need to know." Wise words indeed.

Dominic Zero said...

'Wise words indeed'. Nobody's ever said that on this blog before...I may have to cut & paste & frame.

St. Anthony said...

Always ready to provide a testimonial.