Friday, September 07, 2007

Webb's Photo Site

A helluva week..I can't go into it as it'll just take all night. Instead I'm just going to plug Mark Webb's fantastic new site (go a whole inch right & click the link there..sorry if that's a stretch for you). It's puffins & birds & landscapes..he's got a really good eye, so it's well worth checking out.
Above is not a picture by him, it's by me, hence the shitness of it. Although I was with him doing some hard drinking when I took it, so I guess that makes it relavent. I tried to get the whole goddamn bridge in but as I went futher & further back I almost fell down into the gorge so I settled for this.
What the hell, it's not a bad photo from someone who can't fucking smoke in pubs anymore.

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