Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sports Presenters

I work with many types of presenters, at the moment mostly news/business & sport presenters. I chat to them about many things, what I did on my days off, how my bad leg is, how I'm chucking in this crappy TV thing to go and live by the sea, whatever.
For some reason though, I only ever talk to sports presenters about sport. I wonder why that is.


doppelganger said...

I always talk to barbers about sport - don't know why, I know bugger all about it....

Maybe it's an unwritten law... like always saying 'busy night?' to cab drivers...

Molly Bloom said... the post under the top one...I made it for you because you missed t'other.

As for the Sport Presenters...why don't you make a conscious effort the next time you see one to talk about something brilliantly surreal...tell them you've got plastic legs and real feet and see what they do. I bet you 25 pounds that they just nod.