Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hold My Hand Grenade

The Amazing Cattle - Hold My Hand Grenade. The first official album, available now at all good basement flats in South West London.


El Duderino said...

I want it. Did really love Love Traffic & Long ride back>Am up for a beer on monday if yr about> football on teus and doing something else weds< can@t remember what> my keyboard@s fucked up>

Molly Bloom said...
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Molly Bloom said...

Well...look...whose South West London flat? This isn't fair. I thought it was only sheep who don't like 'sharing'.

hee hee

Dominic Zero said...

A beer on Monday it is. I'll bring a copy of The Album. Assuming my printer cartridge doesn't run out.
Ah, Long Ride Back. I was so stoned when we recorded that I thought I was in 'Nam.

niowulf said...

Wot! ChelteNAM

Sorry, could'nt help myself.