Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fluff Frenzy

Well, here's the aforementioned Catherine Schell. Or Catherine Von Schell if you're a purist. Space 1999, there was a show that wasn't too good..
..and this is Catherine Bach, who was in the Uber-Shit Dukes Of Hazard. Never liked it. Too much shouting and I never liked denim shorts..
..not to be confused with Jessica Simpson, who plays Daisy Duke in the recent movie. Unfortunately you can't really see her face here...
..ah, there she is.

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Molly Bloom said...

I used to think that I was, in fact, Catherine Schell. I thought that I could change into animals. I thought that my eyes could go all funny and fill with eagles, mice, snakes etc. Sadly, I only found out I wasn't Maya when I fell into a pond thinking I was a fish and nearly drowned.

She was quite cool. But not as cool as William....