Sunday, April 23, 2006

Science Fiction Fluff #10

Haven't done a Fluff Post for quite some time.
This is Jennifer O'Dell off Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World, which Sci Fi used to show every day until recently. It was crap, but it did have velocoraptors and shit.
She's been captured by giant bees and is covered in honey. Cool.


KOM said...

First of all, congratulations! I'm ever so glad that matrimony has not impeded your willingness to post honeys in honey.

Off subject, Blogger Cooler is nearly Kaput. It was just a side-project, anyway. While I abhor people advertising their blogs in the comments of other people's blogs, I would invite you to check my profile, looking for "my web-site", for the new home of LP.

Sorry to take up this space - I would have sent an email, had an address been provided.

Dominic Zero said...

No Probs. I shall check it out immediately.
At least you're not advertising Viagra. Or are you? Do you have some? I'll take a kilo.
I can't ever give out an email address because it would give away WHO I REALLY AM.