Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pop Quiz #2

Ok, seeing as my last movie quote was so damn easy, try this one:

Man One: 'What is this stuff?'

Man Two: 'It's Cannon Fuse.'

Man One: 'What do you use it for?'

Man Two: 'My Cannon.'


farmer glitch said...

Tremors ...

ooohh I love winning prizes !!

Dominic Zero said...

Shit Man - I knew I shouldn't've picked a film that was on last night. It's a great film and I was going to put the quote: 'Here's some Swiss Cheese & some bullets' - in my drunken stupor that seemed like the best quote ever.
The prize is - seeing as the last winner never made a claim - a Science Fiction Fluff Post of your choice. See the previous ones if that makes no sense.
I'm going to post a really fucking difficult one next time - like 'I can't get Jurassic Park back on line' or something.

Abrasivist said...

:::absent last winner::: I'm interested in original Planet of the Apes things if you so have something unique of that sort.

Dominic Zero said...

OK - I'm sure there's Fluff to be found in Planet Of The shall be so.

farmer glitch said...

well - let me see now - I sort of have always had a certain warped attraction to that saucy-minx of a Persocon 'Chii' from Chobits ... is one allowed to call an anime character Fluff ?

Dominic Zero said...

I would say anime is kind of Uber-Fluff, what with the shit they get up to.
Why am I not suprised there's an Oriental tang there Mr Glitch?